Ultrasonic Meter Cleaning Systems

TESCO’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are designed expressly for cleaning the covers and bases of electric watt-hour meters. The systems are unique since they don not use solvents or hazardous chemicals for cleaning. Instead, water, detergent, heat and ultrasonic energy are used to remove dirt, dust, grease, and oils.

The Ultrasonic Meter Cleaning Systems range from a manually operated unit to automated units offering continuous unattended cleaning. Specially designed baskets protect the meters during transportation and storage, and allow for complete cleaning of the cover and base. Water consumption is low; detergent is automatically added to the wash tank.

The Model 230A Ultrasonic Cleaning System can be used as the basis of a complete automated material handling system that eliminates in-process storage of meters and dramatically reduces material handling in the department.




  • Fully automated to allow for unattended and efficient operation.
  • Can be incorporated with an automated meter handling system delivering meters to the testers automatically without additional handling.
  • Overflow weirs to provide exact water level control and prevent water from reaching sensitive components.
  • High power regenerating dryer to effectively dry the nooks and crannies of meters.
  • Air nozzles to break up any pooled water when drying.
  • High power ultrasonics delivered in the most effective manner with braized on transducer to blast away dirt and grime.
  • Rim ultrasonics to concentrate power on the blades to attack the grease and dirt that damages valuable shop testing equipment.
  • Heated wash and rinse water to enhance cleaning power.
  • Automatic detergent injecting to maintain constant cleaning concentration.
  • Fully programmable cycles to allow you to tune the system to your needs.
  • TESCO Meter Cleaning Baskets to hold covers and meters securely for effective cleaning and transport.
  • Efficient use of soap and water, pumping wash water from the cleaning chamber to a reservoir tank through a 20 micron filter to preserve soap and the environment.

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Catalog No. 230-A – Ultrasonic Meter Cleaning System

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