Optical Pickup for Itron Gen™5 Riva™ Meter

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Having trouble holding the pickup sensor in the new pulse output location?

We have a solution!

Tesco’s Cat. 1037-RIV is designed to hold the pickup sensor directly above the output location on these new meters. It conforms to the shape of the new meter and secures easily to provide hands free operation.

It automatically orients pick-up without need for manual adjustment.

Works with both the 2990 Desktop Meter Station and 6330 Meter Site Analyzer!



  • Automatically orients pick-up without need for manual adjustment
  • Easy, reliable pulse pickup
  • Blocks ambient light
  • Resistant to RF noise from established and emerging AMI technologies
  • Sturdy, elastic band included to securely hold unit to meter
  • Select your connector from the following options:
      • 1037-RIV-DB: 2 ft. cable with DB-9 connector powered by any TESCO Test Board
      • 1037-RIV-SA: 9.84 ft. cable with a DB-9 connector powered by TESCO’s 6330 Meter Site Analyzer
      • 1037-RIV-STND: 6 ft. cable with LEMO connector powered by any TESCO Test Board
      • 1037-RIV-CL: Custom lengths available for any of the three options above
      • Conforms to ANSI Standards
  • Ultra-durable plastic, dimensions conforming to ANSI Standards

Equipment Documentation


1037-ITRN RIV 1 and RIV3

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