Catalog No. 222 - Polypropylene Padlock Meter Seals

TESCO Polypropylene Padlock Meter Seal - 222 Round Base
TESCO Polypropylene Padlock Meter Seal - 222 Square Base
Polypropylene Padlock Meter Seal

TESCO Polypropylene Padlock Meter Seals (Catalog No. 222) are a low-cost solution, providing a tamper-evident meter seal. The polypropylene (or HDPE) body and stainless steel hasp make TESCO meter seals ideal for outdoor use. TESCO Meter Seals have a high level of customization, which includes colors, imprinting & barcoding. Customization is available at standard pricing rates.


  • Durable polypropylene or HDPE (for colder climates) body, with one piece assembly
  • Tamper resistant & tamper indicating design
  • Weather resistant
  • Custom colors available
  • Custom imprinting (company logo, barcode)
  • Sequential numbering (7 digit max)


Red (Catalog No. 222-1-xx)
Grey (Catalog No. 222-2-xx)
Blue (Catalog No. 222-3-xx)
Orange (Catalog No. 222-4-xx)
Yellow (Catalog No. 222-5-xx)
White (Catalog No. 222-6-xx)
Custom Color (Catalog No. 222-7-xx-Color)
Base Style
Square Base (Catalog No. 222-x-SB)
Round Base (Catalog No. 222-x-RB)
Laser printing
Sequential numbering or barcode
Customer ID or logo
Body: Polypropylene or HDPE
Hasp: Stainless steel (standard); Galvanized (upon request); Both are available in either straight or curved hasp design
1,000/Box, 5,000/Carton (All orders must be in quantities of 1,000)
Box Weight: 9.2 lbs.
Carton Weight: 46 lbs.
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