Catalog No. 1037-STND - Optical Pickup

TESCO Optical Pickup Catalog No. 1037-STND
TESCO Optical Pickup Catalog No. 1037-STND

TESCO is introducing a new optical pickup (Catalog No. 1037-STND) for one way meter communication through the calibration LED found on most solid state meters. The pickup senses infrared pulses from ANSI compliant meters for complete, automatic testing.

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TESCO’s standard connection model is designed to work with field test standards. It utilizes an optical pickup terminal port (LEMO 4-pin connector) to allow for easy connection, while also powering the unit. To operate the TESCO optical pickup, simply attach it to a meter and testing will begin automatically begin when powered. A red LED on the head of the pickup indicates a pulse reading. A green LED indicates power to the pickup.

The TESCO optical pickup has the ability to connect to any meter (without the need of an adapter). Using magnets and two adjustable suction cups (one that swivels a full 360°), our pickup is designed to accommodate multiple surfaces and working heights on the meter cover. The TESCO optical pickup has also been designed to operate in all ambient sunlight conditions (i.e. mid-day, direct sunlight), and in extreme testing conditions (i.e. cold weather), while continuously maintaining constant, accurate results. Additionally, TESCO developed the pickup to be resistant to RF noise from established and emerging AMI technologies.

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Power Supply
Via field test standard
6ft. flexible at probe, custom lengths available
LEMO 4-pin
Suction adhesion & magnetic connection
Conforms to ANSI Standards
High-impact ABS housing, dimensions conforming to ANSI Standards
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