Catalog No. 2450-CAL-21 - MTB Pulse Blender

The TESCO Pulse Blender is used for calibrating a TESCO Multi-Position Test Board (MTB). The Pulse Blender allows the operator to use three RD-2X reference standards, in place of using an RD-3X. The three RD-2X ouput pulses are combined to make a single output pulse, which can then be plugged into the MTB for calibration. Most utilities are more likely to have RD-2Xs on hand, as opposed to an RD-3X reference standard.

Catalog No. 2450-CAL-21


  • Connectors are designed to use standard BNC cables
  • Unit starts immediately once power is turned on (no wait time)
  • Fuse provided on power input to protect any shorting on the inside of the enclosure
  • Input/Output connectors are isolated

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Input Pulse
Each input pulse can be a maximum of 700kHz. This equates to a pulse generated from 480VAC/50A
Output Pulse
Output pulse has a maximum output pulse of 2.1 MHz. (700kHz per standard)
Unit powered from 120VAC, power cord provided to plug into a wall outlet. An outlet is provided on the MTB
Fuse Requirements
1A 5mm x 20mm ceramic fuse
7" x 4" x 1.25"
1 lb
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