Make-To-Order Equipment - Meter Qualification Board (MQB)

TESCO Meter Qualification Board (MQB) Make-To-Order Equipment

A New Generation of Meter Qualification Boards (MQBs) brings reimagined possibilities to your fingertips.

Power-up and apply load to electric watt-hour meters for functionality testing with TESCO’s multi-position MQBs. These boards assist with AMI Meter Certification process and AMI meter qualification and communication testing.

Available in functional test, series parallel, and true three-phase configurations, these boards can be banked together to provide any number of sockets required. Disconnect testing is standard on all TESCO MQBs and each socket position is designed to accommodate any meter form requested.

The new waveform generator has all waveforms called out in ANSI C12.20-2015 (published April 2017).

Optional software allows the user to program test scripts that permit users to run extended, predefined test protocols.

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Meter Sockets
Every socket can be independently controlled or you can have bank control
Meter Forms
Standard meter forms can be accommodated and selected. Please inquire for additional details on specific meter forms
Voltage Drive
60-480V RMS, 680V PK
Current Drive
0.001A to 50A RMS, 75A PK with options up to 320A
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