Catalog No. 1047 - CT Ratio/Burden Tester

TESCO 1047 CT Ratio/Burden Tester TESCO CT Ratio/Burden Tester Catalog No. 1047
TESCO 1044 Optional Cable Set for 1047 CT Ratio/Burden Tester Optional Cable Set - Cat. J-1044-50T (goes with 1047)
TESCO 1047 CT Ratio/Burden Tester
TESCO 1044 Optional Cable Set for 1047 CT Ratio/Burden Tester

TESCO’s new CT Ratio/Burden Tester (Catalog No. 1047) is a lightweight, portable and highly accurate in-service test set to assist in finding lost revenue by testing the accuracy of your meter circuits. The Tester can help determine if there are installations errors, loose connections, incorrect ratios, resistance buildup, open CT’s, or manufacturers defects. The CT Ratio/Burden Tester measures and displays the primary and secondary current of the CT under test, and the ratio of the currents. All test data is stored in the internal memory and easily uploaded to a PC.

The TESCO Field Bag (Catalog No. 1048) is the perfect accessory for the CT Ratio/Burden Tester. The Field Bag can safely hold the tester, charger, and any current probes/cables you might have to go with it.

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  • Lightweight, portable & easy-to-use
  • Works with any CT, as long as the secondary current is less than 20A
  • Internal memory to store test results (up to 500 tests)
  • Easy pass/fail indicator
  • PC app included
  • Auto burden scan
  • Demag


Current Ranges
CT Secondary input, 20A full scale max reading, +/- 0.25% (+/- 2 LSD), 0.1-20A
Burden Values
0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 Ohms
Operating Environment
0-100° F
Internal, Rechargeable (will operate for 10 hours on full charge)
4.25" x 3.75" x 7.5" (W x D x H)
2.5 lbs.
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