Catalog No. 326 - Artificial Resistive Load

An industry staple for over 50 years, the TESCO Artificial Resistive Load (Catalog No. 326) has been redesigned to meet 21st century standards, making it the most cost effective, portable and light weight artificial load box on the market today. Developed with the same strength and reliability that you have come to expect with all TESCO field test instruments, the 326 weighs only 13 lbs and is designed for input voltages of 69v, 120v, 240v, 277v and 480v (69v is optional). The unit is built for selectable full load current taps at 2.5A, 5A, 15A, 30A, 50A and light load taps at 0.25A, 0.5A, 1.5A, 3A and 5A.

TESCO is committed to the development of all of our instruments to meet the needs of today’s utility market. If you are currently using older model TESCO equipment, please contact us to learn how your product is evolving.


13 lbs.
69, 120, 240, 277, 480 (69 is optional; custom voltages available)
Current Range
Amperes (ammeter optional)
Full Load
2.5A, 5A, 15A, 30A, 50A
Light Load
0.25A, 0.5A, 1.5A, 3A, 5A
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