Surplus Equipment – Meters

TESCO quite often comes across older equipment, such as meters and meter adapters that are in excellent condition. Some of the equipment has never been used; some has been gently used. We offer this to our utility customers at a huge cost savings compared to buying new. Below is list of what we currently have in stock.

Meter Inventory


  • ZQ820000 — Meter Type: A1D+ (36S, Solid State); CL:20, 120-480V, 4W, TA:2.5
    Quantity: 104


  • 5710513 — Meter Type: CN1SR (12S, Solid State); CL:200, 120V, 3W
    Quantity: 120
  • 9501-1404 — Meter Type: CN1SR
    Quantity: 196

Landis + Gyr

  • EA1600E0-0K58 — Meter Type: ALF FM2K; CL:480, 240V, 3W, Kh:14.4, TA:50
    Quantity: 168
  • 4A0F010A-0655 — Meter Type: AXLS4e; C:400, NET, 120V, 3W
    Quantity: 76
  • 4E0G000A-0028 — Meter Type: AXS4e
    Quantity: 15
  • 4E0F000A-0266 — Meter Type: AXS4e; C:400, DEM, 120V, 1P, 3W
    Quantity: 40
  • 4P0220A-0884 — Meter Type: RxRS4e 9S(8S); CL:20, 120-480V, 4W-YD, KH:1.8
    Quantity: 208
  • 4P0220A-0208 — Meter Type: AXS4e
    Quantity: 5
  • 23452 — Meter Type: RxRS4E (36S/6S); CL:20, 120-480V, 4W, Kh:1.8, TA:2.5
    Quantity: 96
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