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TESCO quite often comes across older equipment, such as meters and meter adapters that are in excellent condition. Some of the equipment has never been used; some has been gently used. We offer this to our utility customers at a huge cost savings compared to buying new. Below is list of what we currently have in stock.

A-Base Adapter Inventory


  • SP-2387-K7 — Marwell K-7 Conversion Adapter (320A Continuous) – For Landis & Gyr (Siemens) K-7 meter base. Accepts Class 320 or Class 200 socket meters. May be keyed to fit Class 320 meters only. Rated at 320 Amp continuous, 600V applications. Neutral wire will attach to the bus-bar in place of the original neutral jaw.
    Quantity: 17


  • 4J SP4479 9-10 — 4-Jaw Low-Profile Meter Adapter (1.2″ Depth).
    Quantity: 928
  • 600-7627-003 — K4 to CT Conversion Kit (single phase) – This kit allows utilities to convert K-Base installations to transformer-rated socket style meters. Quantity: 59
  • PHD-4W — 7 Jaw Polyphase Heavy-Duty A to S Adapter (PHD) with Dead-Front Safety Shield – A simple cost-effective way to replace polyphase bottom-connected meters with modern socket-type meters.
    Quantity: 950
  • PTR-W — 11 Jaw Polyphase Rated A to S Adapter (PTR) with Dead-Front Safety Shield.
    Quantity: 725
  • 3WGJ G2— 6 Jaw.
    Quantity: 510
  • SHD-3W — 4 Jaw Heavy Duty Transformer-Rated Single-Phase Adapters with Dead-Front Safety Shield, injection molded polycarbonate construction, die-cast grounded frame with sealing ring boning tabs, and larger terminal collars. Quantity: 23

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