Meter Manager Software Suite - Project Management and Delivery

TESCO’s Project Management and Delivery methodology is a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used by our implementation team to ensure a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction.

TESCO acknowledges that there is no “one-size-fits-all” that works for all business types, sizes, or industries and works with customers to determine the approach that will deliver the most value while minimizing risk. If a customer has a standard approach that must be followed, TESCO will accommodate any preferred customer methodologies.

The majority of TESCO’s customers have used a standard waterfall methodology for Meter Manager Implementation projects.  This is a standard approach that has proven successful with many other TESCO implementations as it ensures a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction.  Also, it is considered a more appropriate approach for implementation of “off the shelf” software.  With this methodology, the project advances through Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure.  The Software Development Life Cycle falls within the Execution phase and progresses through Analysis, Design, Build, Testing and Deployment phases.

For data conversion, interfaces and other custom development work, more iterative approaches are often used.  An example of TESCO’s approach to data conversion is depicted in the diagram below.


Data Conversion Approach:

Data Conversion Approach


TESCO has a variety of tools to facilitate project management processes.  Customers can be given access to these tools or, at times, customer tools are used for various items.

The main critical success factor is to align customer objectives with the proper project management approach to ensure that all project objectives are achieved in the most effective and efficient manner.

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