Meter Manager Software Suite - Meter Shop Module

TESCO’s Meter Manager Meter Shop Module handles every aspect of an electric or gas meter shop from tracking meters and equipment through the shop to performing any required testing, from sample testing shipments to 100% testing.

Utilities can import manufacturer test data, import test data from the meter test boards, and enter test information directly. Today’s meters require more than just an accuracy test; it is possible to capture test information for mesh radios, ZigBee modules, remote-service switches, cellular modems, firmware versions or any other component of the meter.

All components attached to a meter can be tracked. This can include permanently mounted components, such as a mesh radio with its own ID, and removable components.


Standard Features

  • Imports manufacturer test records
  • Compares meter shop tests to manufacturer records for the same meters
  • Draws a random sample from meter shipments
  • Interfaces to test boards to record test results
  • Records results of any type of test, including not only HL, LL, demand, and power factor, but also mesh radio,
    ZigBee, modem, and remote service switch
  • User may add any other type of test required (e.g. Instrument Transformer testing)
  • Allows for any test regimen based on the meter type, from 100% to sample test
  • Records any type of failure, not just inaccurate metering

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