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PPE Gloves
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Protecting the health and safety of a company’s employees—their most valued asset—is by far one of the most important activities of any utility or company. Regulatory agencies describe the scope of specific compliance areas and each company decides/interprets how to best implement supporting rules and processes. Regulations will inevitably change over time but what will not change is the need to collect and maintain records that are verifiable and auditable. Workplace and condition-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) is an investment every company must make to ensure the safety of their employees. PPE is used to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. PPE goods can be expensive, and organizations are expending (rightly so) significant amounts of money each year. An efficient system is required to track the PPE goods from purchase through maintenance and retirement that maximizes employee safety and provides a means to verify compliance with the various regulations governing the use of PPE.

Driving Business Process Optimization with RFID

Benefits of Radio Frequency Identification, RFID

  • Delivers both asset & inventory tracking with one solution
  • Regulatory Compliancy
  • Increased asset transparency
  • Improved Productivity
  • Mitigated theft and Loss

RFID Retrofit

Enabling Compliance and Efficiency through Technology                                         

  • We provide a manufacturer-neutral solution that can be retrofitted to existing items.
  • A small rubber disk with an embedded chip is attached to each item, without affecting its use or safety.
  • Every PPE item is tracked individually through its entire life cycle.
  • The number of out of compliance and/or lost items decreases dramatically.
  • The savings on PPE purchases due to the lower loss rate typically covers the entire investment in the software and the RFID chips.
  • Mitigate risk and reduce your liability in the event of a safety incident

PPE Manager enforces ASTM/OSHA regulations

Configurable software exchange calendar meeting your specific business needs while satisfying OSHA rules:

  • How long goods can stay in stock after retesting
  • How long can goods be in service before they must be retested
  • Auditable and verifiable historical reporting of goods test records and the employee that had them in service

PPE Manager’s real-time, easy to use software maximizes employee safety, minimizes cost, and provides a means to verify compliance


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