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PPE Gloves
Man Replacing a Meter
MEter Asset Lifecycle Management
PPE Gloves
Man Replacing a Meter
MEter Asset Lifecycle Management

With more than 100 years of industry knowledge and experience, TESCO Meter Manager Software Platform is seamlessly supporting IOUs, Municipalities and Cooperatives of all sizes. We have been successfully assisting utilities with their AMI Deployments and have deep understanding of how to integrate with meter/device manufacturers, legacy and ERPs, meter data management, head end, and workforce systems.

TESCO Meter Manager Software Platform is an out-of-the box, configurable, easy to use asset and inventory management platform. Designed with utilities in mind, Meter Manager enables cradle-to-grave processing of your assets. This includes AMR and AMI meters, network communications devices, CT/VT, pole and pad mounted transformers, volume correctors and sensors.

TESCO Meter Manager – Experienced and Trusted

  • 40+ million assets under management
  • Continued Year over year growth and successful implementations
  • Connect to any meter test equipment and field devices
  • Experienced and successful with AMI Deployments and ERP/Legacy and SAP integrations
  • Configurable workflows matching your business operations
  • Supporting hundreds of concurrent users
  • Role based security with unlimited number of users and roles
  • Robust reporting engine
  • Secure and business continuity capable

 Meter Manager Differentiators

  • We know the Utility business and the data you need in the “Utilities 2.0” AMI World
  • Simple to the complex integration – Meter Manager can be the System-of-Record (SoR) and/or interface with other SoRs
  • Enterprise grade 3-tier architecture able to handle hundreds of simultaneous users and tens of millions of assets
  • Highly proficient with multi-vendor AMI deployment programs
  • Successfully integrating with SAP, Oracle and home-grown legacy systems
  • Seamlessly connects/interface to TESCO, WECO, RFL Test Boards and other field and gas test provers
  • Flexible financial models: purchase or lease options
  • Host locally or on TESCO’s Amazon Cloud

Meter Manager Modules

Meter Manager Modules


Each Module is written specifically to support metering operations. No Module has been adapted for use from some niche outside of metering. TESCO has the only software written exclusively for metering professionals, by metering professionals.

TESCO has worked tirelessly to create a uniform set of Modules written on the same software base for every customer in North America.  An enhancement for one customer is an enhancement for every customer. At the same time, every customer has every module configured for their use and their reporting requirements.

Meter Manager has been architected in such a way to allows utilities to customize their purchase. You can buy all, one or a few of the modules and when your needs grow; Meter Manager can scale accordingly by adding additional modules to your installation. The modules are as follows:



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