Meter Manager Software Suite - Legacy and Systems Integration


For more than a decade, Meter Manager has been the leading off-the-shelf software for managing metering devices. It combines the reliability and value of packaged software with unparalleled integration capabilities. If you have existing interfaces to/from Legacy/Home-grown or ERPs like SAP, Oracle or Maximo, Meter Manager can use them –guaranteed. We’ve implemented hundreds of interfaces to ERPs and legacy, with over half repurposing existing interfaces with no changes

Choose the Right Software for the Job

SAP, Oracle and Maximo have an exceptionally wide suite of software for utilities. It does a lot of things really well. However, for some functions, TESCO Meter Manager offers more. TESCO METER MANAGER integrates seamlessly with SAP. You always have accurate information in SAP, while gaining efficiency and additional functionality

  • Performs Good Receipt (101) transactions after shipment acceptance, while handing rejected shipments
  • Internally
  • Let your staff self-check-out devices using either a kiosk or their phone, and Meter Manager will perform the goods movement (309) transactions
  • Use Meter Manager’s direct integration with Itron, Aclara, and L+G for RMA handling, while updating SAP with the RMA (344) and restock (343) transactions
  • Do physical inventory reconciliation Meter Manager, using handheld scanners, and update SAP with the correct inventory

Driving Business Optimization

  • Tracks functional tests as well as accuracy tests, integrating with the manufacturer’s meter software
  • Track Firmware Versions
  • Validate the version received is the version ordered
  • Reject shipments with wrong version
  • Flag meters with an old firmware version in the meter shop
  • Manage over-the-air firmware updates
  • Integrates with leading Meter Data Management Systems and Head End Systems, validating the Billing K
  • Provides self-serve kiosks and phone apps for checking out devices to individuals truck or technicians
  • In-Service/ Random Sample meter test programs supporting the regulatory (PUC/PSC) sampling and reporting requirements state-by-state. Customers who have switched to maintaining their in-service test programs in Meter Manager report an 80% reduction in the work required the set up and report on their programs.
  • Integrates directly with all electric meter, instrument transformer, and gas meter test equipment, including TESCO, WECO, RFL, Powermetrix, PMT, Probewell, Knopp, Gas Measurement, American, and Dresser
  • Integrates with major meter manufacturers to process notice of shipments, electronically request Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and import repair information
  • Directs meter shop AQL acceptance testing protocols, holding meter shipments in quarantine until testing is complete
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