Meter Manager Software Suite - Field Exchange

Meter Manager Field Exchange
Meter Manager Field Exchange

You are deploying a pilot of thousands of AMI meters.  It is imperative that the installation of these meters be done correctly, documented accurately, verifiable and updated. A combination of existing and new MMS capabilities will ensure the accuracy and traceability of the entire process.

This new Field Exchange module has been designed to work with tablets such as the Motion Pro or the Panasonic Toughpad.

Core Features

In the Meter Exchange Screen, the installer scans or enters the existing meter number at that location. Meter Manager will display the data associated with that premise.  If there is no barcode to be scanned, the system will allow manual entry.

If required, the installer can take pictures of the existing meter including the read. Meter Manager will take the picture directly from the tablet and store it with the exchange.

Meter Manager validates that the meter is installed, displays the customer and address information, installer verifies he is at the correct address and meter socket/panel

Installer enters the remove read for the existing meter and then scans the new meter #.  The system requires scanning to eliminate data entry errors. Meter Manager validates that the scanned meter is a valid meter number, the meter is stocked, and the meter was checked out to the installer.

The just-installed meter is removed from the installer’s inventory. At the end of the day, the installer returns from the field and the installer returns his/her used meters

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