Meter Manager Software Suite - Inventory Management


The Meter Inventory Module is designed for comprehensive inventory control of meters and other serialized meter equipment. Meter Manager is designed to work in bulk and/or individual serialized devices. Employing a containerization framework, shipments and receipts are handled through scanning bulk or individual assets. Meter Manager includes full inventory tracking and movement, including an unlimited number of inventory locations, each one of which may be a meter shop, a warehouse, another location, an individual, or a vehicle.

Any inventory sent but not received will automatically generate an exception so that the missing inventory can be tracked down. Where appropriate, tracking numbers may be entered for any shipment.

Core Features:

  • Tracks the location of every serialized asset
  • Unlimited number of locations, vehicles, employees that consign inventory
  • Interfaces with both tethered and wireless bar code scanners
  • Full traceability of inventory transfers, with transactions to both ship and receive
  • “X” marks the spot of the asset: Using barcodes, scan areas and shelves within a location. When you scan a device, scan the area/shelf and Meter Manager will produce a map of where the device is located
  • Containerization support enables efficient and optimized processing of the movement of assets. Create favorites that you use every day to simplify device disposition and processing

Optional Features

Physical Inventory

Count every device that is physically located in that location. You can scan devices individually or a range of serial #, or in a container.  Once a count is executed across the locations, Meter Manager will do a compare of the locations and tell the users the following information:

  • Devices found as expected – In the right location
  • Devices found that were not expected.
  • Devices not found at location

Once that is reviewed, Meter Manager will update the location to where that device was physically counted. Any devices that were not found anywhere are updated with an unknown location.

Kiosk Self-Service

Meter manager is integrated with PCProxy RFID reader badges so that an employee taps their badge on the reader, choses the option to check in/out devices and the inventory is automatically updated in real time. Meter Manager records the consignment to that employee and places the device back into inventory when the un-installed device is checked back in.

Meter Manager will also produce a report for meters that have been checked out but not installed after a period of time has passed.

To view the KIOSK in operation, click on the link below

Request for Devices Inventory between locations

Automatic notification of low inventory levels will automatically generate notifications citing asset re-order point thresholds. Alternatively, a user can request devices directly from another storeroom as needed.

 Meter Manager Random / In-service Sample (PSC / PUC Regulatory Agency)

The Random Sample module, sometimes referred to as the in-service testing module, is designed to manage the random and periodic testing of your installed meter population. Depending on the regulatory environment, utilities typically choose one of two methods to ensure the accuracy of the meter population.

These requirements may differ from regulatory agencies across the USA, so we will review your State’s PSC/PUC requirements to ensure the system can be configured to meet the regulations.

In periodic testing, every meter within a population is tested on a regular schedule. Historically, periodic testing was used for all meters, with varying intervals between tests depending on the meter type. Virtually all utilities have switched to random sample testing for domestic metering. However, interval testing is still common for high consumption accounts.

Random sample testing divides the entire meter population into groups. A group should consist of a homogeneous collection of meters that are considered to have an equal chance of failure. Typically meter groups are defined by manufacturer and model, although other factors can be used. Each year, a statistically significant sample is taken from each group and those meters are tested. The results from the sample are extrapolated to predict the accuracy of the entire group in the meter population. Some other complex mathematics are involved in determining the size of the sample and in the interpretation of the results, but with Meter Manager these calculations are done automatically.

TESCO Meter Manager Random Sample supports ANSI standards Z1.4 & Z1.9 (single, multi & double).




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