Meter Manager Software Suite - Meter Manager Architecture

The Meter Manager architecture is a true three-tier application.  Business logic is contained within the application server layer, while the client layer is responsible for the User Interface.

  • All clients (native Windows, web, and mobile) work with the same application layer.
  • Clients never connect directly to the database – all clients connect over secure HTTPS, using a compressed binary web service.
  • Database server accepts connection only from the application server(s).
  • A load balancer may be used to distribute clients between multiple application servers.
  • The primary database may be a cluster.
  • Two application servers, with a 2-server database cluster, and a reporting server, will comfortably support 200 simultaneous users and 10,000,000 devices.
  • Load balanced failover and business continuity capable

Host on premise or your private cloud.

Host on TESCO’s AWS Cloud – Fault tolerant, real-time replication to disaster recovery site

Meter Manager seamlessly supports the simple to the complex customer needs.




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