Field Fast Software Module

TESCO’s Field Fast is a software package that interfaces to TESCO field test kits. It provides direct control of the standard in the test kit, allowing the user to quickly and conveniently enter the settings for a test. It also contains tables of standard meter configurations and test sequences. The user may select a standard meter type from a list, which then auto-populates the meter attributes. If your organization normally runs a standard series of tests, such as Full Load then Light Load, you can pre-configure the software with these, and the user selects a standard sequence, and will be prompted to run each test.

The TESCO Field Fast Software Module is designed for use with all of the TESCO light weight field test kits to drastically improve productivity in the field. This Windows based application will run on any hand held unit using Windows, such as the Panasonic U1 or any Windows laptop computer. Test results will be displayed and can be saved from multiple test locations for upload to your meter records systems when the meter technician returns to the shop. If your technicians are using bar code scanners, the test parameters can be automatically set with a simple scan of the meter bar code.

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