Diamond Level Support

TESCO’s Diamond Level Support provides an extended warranty on a variety of TESCO’s products to give you peace of mind.

With TESCO’s Diamond Level Support, you receive:

  • An extended warranty of two additional years (3 years total from the date of equipment delivery).
  • All required parts for any warranty repair.
  • On-site labor and travel for all warranty related service calls.
  • Shipping back and forth to TESCO, if required.
  • Unlimited phone support during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., EDT.
  • Preventative maintenance trip to keep panels, controls, and sockets in working condition. To keep your equipment in good working order, this maintenance trip shall be determined and scheduled by TESCO.
  • Opportunity to continue extended warranty beyond year three as long as there is no lapse in Diamond Level Support coverage.
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