November 1, 2015

SEMA – 2015

  • Hot Socket Conditions & Effective Investigation– Hot Sockets are not a new phenomenon. Virtually every meter man has pulled a meter with a portion of the meter base around a blade melted and virtually every utility has been called to assist in the investigation of a fire at a meter box. AMI deployments, because of the volume of meters involved, put a spot light on this issue. What causes a hot socket? Are the meters ever the cause of a meter box failure? What are the things to look for when inspecting an existing meter installation? What are the best practices for handling potential hot sockets? This presentation will cover the results of our lab investigation into the sources for hot sockets, the development of a fixture to simulate hot sockets, the tests and data learned from hot sockets, and a discussion of “best practices” regarding hot sockets. 11/2015
  • Meter Operations in a Post AMI World– Highlights of the new value proposition for metering personnel at their respective utility companies in a post-AMI world. Examples of issues which have arisen or been identified over the course of various deployments and in the immediate aftermath of an AMI deployment. 11/2015
  • AMI Site Verification – Protocols & Tools for Complex Metering Installations– Over much of the 20th century, utilities, regulators and customers each relied upon lab and field meter testing efforts which were primarily focused upon the accuracy of the watt-hour meter and demand register. This focus is now changing with overwhelming deployment of electronic meters and significant deployment of AMR and AMI meters throughout the installed base in North America. The focus has now shifted to the metering installation as a whole and not the accuracy of the meter. 11/2015
  • ANSI Standards & Recent Updates– Throughout this presentation you will… Understand contents of ANSI C12.20-2010 for 0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Class Meters Understand the Relationship of C12.20 to C12.1 Understand ANSI C12.20 Changes Planned for 2015 Edition and ANSI C12.1 changes planned for 2014 Understand new ANSI C12.29 for Field Testing and potential time frame Discuss – Will this affect how we test in the field? 11/2015
  • CT Burden Testing– This presentation will give you an understanding of self contained and transformer rated current transformers. You will also discuss meter testing, CT testing, ratio & burden testing. 11/2015
  • Field & Customer Request Meter Testing– Customers always have the right to request a meter test. Some utilities and some jurisdictions allow for testing at the customer site, others require a test in a laboratory environment. Some allow the customer to witness the test and others require the utility commission to witness the test. Utilities must show that the meter tests well and must demonstrate that they have a test program in place to ensure the meters in service are performing well. This presentation will demonstrate: Why do we test? How do we test? What types of meter tests are there? How do utility tests differ from customer request tests? What is In-Service Testing? How do we know meter tests are good? What do we do with the test data? 11/2015

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