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June 25, 2018

North Carolina Electric Meter School – 2018

    • Metering, Operations and Utilities: 2020 and Beyond– This presentation was given during the General Session of the 2108 North Carolina Electric Meter School. Topics covered included how metering has changed from the 1870s to now, the status of AMI, Smart Meters and a Smartgrid, and how meter services play a role in the utility of the future. 06/25/2018


    • History of Electric Metering– This presentation takes an in-depth look at the history of electric metering starting with Ben Franklin’s Electric “battery” around the year 1670. The battle of the currents (AC vs. DC) is discussed, as well as the watt-hour meter, meter manufacturers, how metering has changed and what metering is today. We hope you enjoy this! 06/25/2018


    • AMI Meter Certification Before, During and After Deployment– Manage change and minimize risk of AMI Meter Certification throughout the process of deployment. Topics covered include: initial certification testing and First Article Testing; Developing functional testing from initial certification protocols; the need for continued certification training on a regular basis; and protocols and frequency for certification testing during and after deployment. 06/26/2018



    • Meter Testing 101– This presentation covers the basics of meter testing including: why we test; how to test; types of meter tests; how utility tests differ from customer request tests; in-service testing; and what to do with the test data. 06/26/2018


    • CT Testing: Theory and Practice– This presentation discusses self-contained vs. transformer rated CTs, functions and terminology, CT testing, ratio testing, burden testing, and more. 06/27/2018


    • 21st Century Power Measurements– Then … Now … and Tomorrow. This presentation discusses how meters, loads, and communications have changed over the years and why it is important today. Standards Changes are reviewed as well as new definitions. 06/27/2018


    • How to Hire and Train the Right Employee for Meters and Metering Technology– The lack of workforce and competition are two of the biggest factors affecting hiring in the industry. Having a strong employer brand and growth opportunities will help attract and retain employees within your organization. Read more in this presentation about how to hire and train the right employee for meters and metering technology. 06/27/2018


    • Ratio, Burden, Admittance Testing– This presentation was for an Advanced Session at North Carolina Meter School and discussed CT functionality Basics, Terminology and Specifications, Ratio Testing, Burden Testing, Admittance Testing, and Demag Functions. 06/27/2018


    • Street Lights – A New Metering Frontier– This presentation will discuss the current usages and challenges for streetlight metering and the latest in testing/qualification of streetlight meters. 06/27/2018


    • Current Metering Safety Topics– Safety is imperative in metering. This presentation discusses dangers, statistics, arc flash, and how to prevent and properly protect yourself from any potential dangers as well as what to look for while on site that could be a hazard. 06/28/2018



  • Challenges for Meter Shop Operations of the Future– This presentation examines how AMI data, the collection of this data and the creation of tools to use this data have dramatically changed and is continuing to change metering operations. We will look at some of the challenges we are facing as we learn how to do business most effectively with this information and these tools. 06/28/2018


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