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May 5, 2022

Mid-South Electric Metering Association – 2022

  • Basic ElectricityEverything you ever wanted to know about basic electricity is contained in this presentation. Learn about Ben Franklin’s battery, the first meters, the AC vs DC war, and much more. This presentation was given at the Mid South Meter School on May 3, 2022.
  • History of Electric MeteringThis presentation takes an in-depth look at the history of electric metering starting with Ben Franklin’s Electric “battery” around the year 1670. The battle of the currents (AC vs. DC) is discussed, as well as the watt-hour meter, meter manufacturers, how metering has changed and what metering is today. We hope you enjoy this!
  • TESCO Test Equipment– This presentation highlights TESCO’s Test Equipment for a variety of needs for today’s utilities. Some of the products included are desktop meter stations, meter test boards, hot socket accessories, transformer test equipment and software. Presented at Mid South Meter school on May 3, 2022.
  • TESCO Meter Manager and Field Client OverviewLearn about TESCO’s Meter Manager. The Asset management tracks unique items of value. They are often called physical assets or fixed assets. Inventory tracking refers to tracking non-unique items of value. These are often called stock or consumable items that track quantity, disposition, location. Then there’s Management of any field operation (aka Work Order Management) and the ability to gather real time information about metering (or non-metering) sites. All this and more makes Meter Manager a powerful software tool.
  • You Went AMI, Where Will You Go NextWe are only now beginning to understand how much AMI has changed and is continuing to change our world. This presentation will touch on the power of this AMI data, new tools we can create and the challenges we are facing to use this data. We will look at just a few of the new opportunities already being presented to us that we can use this data to take advantage of. Presented May 5, 2022

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