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May 1, 2015

Mid-South Electric Metering Association – 2015

    • Meter Inventory Management & Automating Meter Records – TESCO has been involved with metering for more than 100 years. We focuses solely on the needs of metering, with a wide range of software, test equipment, and tools. Meter Manager is the result of more than 20 years of experience creating software for electric and gas utilities. It has been designed from the ground up to meet your needs not only today, but in the future. Meter Manager is built with state-of-art tools and modern software architecture, which continues to grow with new and expanded features, all of which are made available to all of our customers. 5/2015


    • Meter Operations in a Post AMI World – As many utilities have elected to deploy advanced metering systems and millions of new solid-state, microprocessor based end-points with communications under glass, a dramatic shift has begun regarding where metering resources are being deployed and what they are doing. This presentation will highlight the new value proposition for metering personnel at their respective utility companies in a post-AMI World. Examples of issues which have arisen or been identified over the course of various deployments and in the immediate aftermath of an AMI deployment. 5/2015


    • Customer Perceptions of New AMI Meters – Throughout this presentation you will: Understand customer concerns about smart meters and AMI. Be able to respond as a Utility and as a Utility Worker. 5/2015


    • Site Inspections – Looking for Dangerous Installations and Incorrect Billing – Over much of the 20th century, utilities, regulators and customers each relied upon lab and field meter testing efforts which were primarily focused upon the accuracy of the watt-hour meter and demand register. This focus is now changing with overwhelming deployment of electronic meters and significant deployment of AMR and AMI meters throughout the installed base in North America. Meter Failure modes are changing. More meters are rejected for functional test failures than accuracy tests. One of the benefits of AMI is that utilities can spend less time on residential metering and focus their meter techs on their more complex metering operations. More time can and should be spent inspecting and testing the Transformer rated installations in each utilities service territory. 5/2015


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