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June 19, 2017

Caribbean Meter School 2017

Caribbean Meter School 2017

    • Fundamentals of Transformer Rated Field Meter Testing and Site Verification– In this presentation, you will learn the basics – differences between self contained and transformer or instrument rated meter sites, transformer rated meter forms, test switches and CT’s, meter accuracy testing in the field, checking the health of your CT’s and PT’s, and site verification. 6/19/2017



    • Metering In a Post AMI World– This presentation will highlight the new value proposition for metering personnel at their respective utility companies in a post-AMI world. 6/20/2017


  • Meter Asset Tracking and the Power of Analytics in an AMI System– This presentation will discuss how Asset Tracking for Metering has changed dramatically over the past dozen years and what the term “asset tracking” will mean for meter services in the future. We will also discuss how the data being harvested from our new AMI systems is changing our Operations. 6/21/2017


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