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January 28, 2019

Caribbean Meter School 2019

Caribbean Meter School 2019

    • Fundamentals of Field Testing Meters – This presentation covers why meters are tested and the type of tests that are performed on meters. An overview of field test methods and field equipment is also included. 01/28/2019


    • Self-Contained Fundamentals – This presentation covers general meter testing requirements, as well as customer requested tests and what to do with the data collected. 01/28/2019


    • Introduction to Transformer Rated Metering – Learn the differences between self-contained and transformer or instrument rated meter sites, test switches and CTs, Blondel’s Theorem, meter accuracy testing, site verification, and more! 01/29/2019


    • Introduction to CTs and PTs – Learn about Instrument transformers, current transformers, and potential transformers in this presentation given by Georgia Power at the Caribbean Meter School. 01/29/2019


    • Test Switch Operations and Accessories and Hot Sockets – This presentation will acquaint the attendees with the use and purpose of Meter Test Switches. Topics covered include using test switches, test switch specifications and configurations, test switch accessories, and pre-wired transformer rated enclosures. Hot sockets are also covered in the second half of this presentation, from how they occur to how to best handle them.



    • Grounding and Bonding – This presentation, given by Georgia Power, discusses the importance of grounding and bonding. Real life examples are given and how they were handled as well as safety measures.


    • Verifying Transformer Rated Service Installations – This presentation, given by Georgia Power for the Caribbean Meter School, covers transformer rated service installations including field meter testing, instrument transformers, system analyzers, and safety protocols. Several grids are included showing single phase service, three phase services, power factor, harmonics, and more.


  • New Test Equipment – This presentation was given at the Caribbean Meter School in January 2019 and gives an overview of TESCO Test Equipment and accessories, and what each can be used for. 01/29/2019

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