March 14, 2023

TESCO Meeting Supply and Demand

TESCO can quote lead times that are better than the average in the marketplace.

TESCO (The Eastern Specialty Company) has a reputation for innovation and durability. This continues today with our commitment to develop and deliver meter test accessories and a full range of meter testing operational support in today’s competitive and changing market. This includes streetlight metering and testing of electric vehicle service equipment. During the past two years, TESCO has made acquisitions to help alleviate supply chain issues and their customers’ lead time.

We sat down with Joe Brenner, Chief Manufacturing Officer at TESCO, to discuss what challenges and opportunities have been created with these acquisitions. Acquisitions of Dial Machine Company & a Sheet Metal Fabricator has created vertical integration, which in turn creates more resilient manufacturing. These acquisitions have helped with material shortages and planning. Vertical integration creates a way to take control of lead times. This is a win-win situation in terms of profits, market share, and economies of scale.

One part of multiple parts

Joe’s role is to accelerate and refine the integration of these acquisitions to improve delivery time and quality. Since starting in early January, Joe has worked with his plant managers and floor managers to increase the manufacturing output and to create more products internally to help with overwhelmed third-party suppliers. In six months, the internal manufacturing capability has more than doubled. By the end of Q2 in 2023, TESCO will be utilizing the latest technology and automation to increase output and streamline the process for prewired boxes and test switches.
Regarding the assembly processes, Joe states, “where we can make better tools and better fixtures that are in the assembly processes, we are creating them.”

This attests to Joe’s management style. Joe starts his day by visiting the plant floor to conduct his stand-up meetings. What happened yesterday? What is the plan for today? What obstacles stand in our way of success? How can we overcome our obstacles? He often cross functional teams so everyone is aware of the goals and objectives and how to work together for success. TESCO’s 2023 manufacturing forecast expects top line growth of four-times for our manufacturing businesses. We might exceed that forecast by 20-30%.

We know the electric industry is at the heart of the rebuilding of infrastructure across the US. TESCO addresses this with new manufacturing sectors, new equipment, optimizing technology, reviewing, and redesigning our processes. We also certify our manufacturing process with the ISO-9000 standards. TESCO wants to partner with our clients, associations, and distributors to help close the gap on material lead time, production lead time, and customer lead time.

Founded in 1904, TESCO is constantly evolving and working to address and solve the most challenging metering problems for its utility customers. For more information, please visit TESCO – The Eastern Specialty Company ( or email