September 9, 2014

TESCO Announces New Square-Base Meter Seals

Bristol, PA –TESCO is pleased to announce that our Meter Seals are now available with a square-base, giving utilities even more options to choose from. The square base meter seals are available in acrylic (Catalog No. 221) or polypropylene (Catalog No. 222), and in any color imaginable.  We can also imprint a  utility name/logo, bar code, or serial number at no additional cost!

TESCO Meter Seals are a low-cost solution, proving a tamper-evident padlock seal.  All TESCO Meter Seals are equipped with a stainless steel hasp (or galvanized upon request), are weather resistant, and ideal for outdoor use.

For more information on TESCO’s Square-Base Meter Seals please view our product pages: