September 3, 2014

TESCO Announces New Socket Safety Clip

Bristol, PA –TESCO is pleased to introduce the Socket Safety Clip (Catalog No. 301). TESCO’s Socket Safety Clip has been designed to give meter technicians a way to temporarily reassure that a hot socket will not affect a faulty meter socket jaw. The danger zone of a meter socket jaw is 5 lbs. of holding force. At 5 lbs. arcing can occur, resulting in a more serious problem, failure, or electrical fire. The Socket Safety Clip improves the holding force of a meter socket jaw to close to 20 lbs., and can withstand temperatures beyond 400 degrees. This temporary solution simply clips around the jaws of a meter socket until the socket can be replaced.

The TESCO Socket Safety Clip gives utilities an alternate option to disconnecting the service. The Socket Safety Clip is intended for one-time use, and is recommended for each jaw, regardless of the quantity of faulty jaws per meter socket.  For more information, please visit our Socket Safety Clip product page by clicking HERE.

Note: TESCO Socket Safety Clips are a temporary solution, and are intended for one-time use only.