April 23, 2013

TESCO Announces New Field Test Station

Bristol, PA – TESCO announced a new product offering today, which gives meter technicians the ability to conduct meter accuracy tests while in the field. TESCO’s new Field Test Station (Catalog No. 2200-F) provides metering professionals with exceptional testing flexibility. The Field Test Station includes a zero insertion force (ZIF) meter socket, voltage and form selection, and connection points to link it with a TESCO Field Test Kit (Catalog No. 621, 630 or GA Series). When combined with a Field Test Kit, you create a single position, stand-alone, meter accuracy testing device for various socket based meters (both mechanical & solid-state). Power for the Field Test Station can be supplied via inverter/120VAC or by customer potential via TESCO Field Test Kit.

The Field Test Station, with the proper load box, boasts a 50 amp max current source and operates on voltages up to 480V. With an optional disconnect operation you’ll be able to conduct all required meter testing while in the field.

TESCO’s Field Test Station has all the functionality as the Desktop Meter Stations (Catalog No. 2000 or 2100) and can be used as a programming station, a single meter evaluation station, or a test bed for checking meter features and anomalies. And with the on-board meter socket, you’ll eliminate all the adapters needed for transformer-rated and self-contained testing.

For more information, please visit our product page by clicking HERE.