June 10, 2022

TESCO Announces Acquisition of Nighthawk Adaptiv™ Product Line

Cellular and fiber AMI solution provides zero-infrastructure offering

BRISTOL, Penn June 10, 2022 The Eastern Specialty Company (TESCO) is pleased to announce effective today it will take over the Nighthawk Adaptiv™ family of products, offering uninterrupted support of Nighthawk customers.

The Nighthawk Adaptiv cellular and fiber advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution provides a zero-infrastructure offering. This is particularly helpful for larger, investor-owned utilities to leverage their private, long-term evolution networks for next-generation AMI needs. This also benefits cooperatives wanting to leverage their fiber networks for the same purpose and for smaller municipal and cooperative utilities wanting to enter the AMI market.

“We are pleased this transition will help our Nighthawk customers continue to receive the support they have come to expect from our operation,” said Brad Kitterman, CEO of AMI Solutions, LLC, whose team supports the Nighthawk Adaptiv line of products. “We are very pleased with the level of commitment already demonstrated by TESCO toward the ongoing deployment and support of these products, reaffirming our decision to entrust our customers in their hands.”

Tom Lawton, President and CEO of TESCO, is similarly enthusiastic, stating, “The AMI Solutions’ engineering team is second to none. Working together to serve the Nighthawk Adaptiv customers has been a great experience and a relatively seamless transition. Adding the Nighthawk AMI solution to our existing portfolio of products and services will help us continue to achieve our mission of becoming the primary outside metering resource to our electric utility customers.”


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