March 30, 2016

TESCO Software Contract Consolidated Edison Awards

Bristol, PA – TESCO is pleased to announce that we have partnered Consolidated Edison to replace their legacy Meter Asset Management System, which has served them well for over 30 years, with the TESCO Meter Manager Software Suite. The decision to replace their legacy system was driven by Consolidated Edison’s upcoming AMI project, in addition to the need for additional functionality and security to meet the needs of a large utility in an ever-changing industry.

Con Edison selected the TESCO Meter Manager Software Suite because it was the best fit for their needs and they had confidence in TESCO’s ability to support Con Ed both during the implementation of the software and beyond.

Installing a modern and robust meter asset management that can track all AMI assets, interface to Head End and MDM systems, and perform both accuracy and functional testing, is critical for a successful AMI deployment.

TESCO is grateful to have been awarded this software project and excited to partner with Con Edison. TESCO looks forward to assisting Con Edison in their goal of attaining the highest level of customer service possible through increased efficiency and productivity.