Meter Engineering Support

Meter Engineering Support

TESCO’s Meter Engineering Support group works with every customer to evaluate, document, and plan how to best utilize both new and existing resources. Check out the types of Engineering Support we provide below:

Meter Shop Layout

TESCO provides meter shop layout services to electric, gas and water meter shops. We have significant experience in the application of Good Manufacturing practices and Lean Manufacturing principles to manufacturing operations, and we have successfully applied these to numerous meter shop operations throughout the country.

Equipment Specifications & Selection

The Equipment or System Selection Process starts with an evaluation of existing operations and the development of a System Requirements document. This document is then used to identify potential suppliers and solicit bids for the equipment or system. TESCO then works with the client to evaluate and select the most appropriate equipment or system.

Facility Relocation

Moving a facility and dealing with its impact on production can be an extremely risky endeavor for any company. TESCO will develop a new facility layout along with a detailed schedule and coordinate a move plan to minimize the impact on day to day operations.

Statistical Sampling

TESCO has developed in-service meter test plans for electric, gas, and water utilities. We have also assisted several Utility Commissions in re-writing their in-service meter testing regulations. Whether your needs are developing a new program or developing a one-time program to research a particular performance issue we can develop a plan for you.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems are developed to monitor and continually improve the performance of key processes. Eliminating process variability is critical to developing predictable results. TESCO can analyze your meter shop operations and develop a plan of action to eliminate errors and defects. Six Sigma techniques can be used to analyze process performance, to understand process capability, and to develop solutions to eliminate variability. TESCO can assist in building the foundation for continual improvement by eliminating the sources of quality problems.

Project Management

TESCO provides complete project management services for implementing operational improvements including scheduling, equipment procurement, installation management, and project cost control. TESCO not only can develop process, equipment, and layout improvements but can help you implement them quickly and efficiently.

Field Services

TESCO works with electric utilities to provide field personnel to perform meter programming and installation services in support of AMR installations of Commercial and Industrial customers. This work has included the scheduling, tracking, and data reporting of new installations as well as installations that need to be revisited for updated programming.