First Meter Test Switch




meter test switch patentTESCO – The Eastern Specialty Company was founded in 1904 by two Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) Engineers. On January 23, 1915, TESCO founders, Joseph Seaman and Burleigh Currier, along with Percy Bartlett, submitted their patent application for the first ever meter test switch, originally called the Indicating and Testing Supply Switch Box. They invented the Indicating and Testing Supply Switch Box to provide a safe way of testing connections for electric installations in a easier and more efficient manner.

The Indicating and Testing Supply Switch Box was finally patented on August 17, 1920, more than five years after the application was submitted. By 1923, its name changed to the Test Switch. Now, a century later, TESCO is still a trusted source for Meter Test Switches and other meter testing instruments and accessories.






TESCO Meter Test Switches

tesco test switchesIn 2004, TESCO proudly reintroduced the test switch line, which serves as the foundation of many TESCO products. In order to provide the best resources moving forward, TESCO continually looks through old product literature and speaks with instrument users at utilities all over the world to assess the needs of the industry. TESCO has been able to reintroduce many of its products that have been updated for current and future technology and metering needs.

Today, TESCO’s line of Test Switches is designed with the intention to combine the best features of tried and proven switching methods with improvements in materials and construction. With the shortest lead times in the industry, let TESCO fulfill your next order for test switches.

All of the current carrying parts are bright tin plated to prevent corrosion. Good operating contact is assured on periodic meter tests, even when the switch has been idle for long periods of time in an unfavorable atmosphere.

The switches are open knife-blade. Of the two current switch poles in each circuit, one is provided with an automatic shorting jaw, and the other has a shunted jack which will receive a Test Plug (Cat. 1077) or our Test Switch Isolator (Cat. 1076).

The Test Switches are rated at 60 amps, 600 volts, meet all applicable EEI, ANSI C12.9, NEMA & H-Q safety standards, and are UL recognized. We offer 2-10 pole test switches and custom manufacture each order to your specifications.  Another option introduced over the years is a back-connected test switch that allows wiring to be connected to the rear-projecting studs.

Unless otherwise specified, the insulated switch blade knobs will be furnished in red for potential and in black for current. Any other combination of colors is available, including half colors.

Also available is the Test Switch Protector (Cat. 6441) to serve as a safety cover during meter cabinet wiring and maintenance to protect against dropped hardware or tools and to protect the meter technician while the test switch blades are in the open position.


Mesurina Meter Test Switches

test switchesMesurina is the exclusive distributor of all TESCO products for Canada and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The company was founded in 1976 by Mr. Bernard W. Krutina and is the only Canadian manufacturer of test switches for meter service departments across Canada. In 2007 TESCO – The Eastern Specialty Company acquired Mesurina, and continues to provide the highest quality test switches on the market today. All test switches are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s defects for one year from purchase. Also, TESCO offers nickel plating, knurled nuts, covers and accessories as standard features on all its switches.

Mesurina specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality measuring instruments, test switches, accessories, and devices designed for use by public utilities companies (such as electricity distributors). All of these devices are designed as solutions to the problems faced by electrical utilities companies.

Mesurina is also involved in the development process of special application hardware to better serve the electrical metering industry. These devices will ensure better customer relations between electrical utility companies and their consumers—with more accurate metering and precise billing—and save utilities companies countless man-hours by increasing the efficiency of assigned duties.



Meter Test Switches Through the Century