August 11, 2022

Facilities Team Member

Facilities Team Member

Bristol, PA


Job Description: TESCO needs to bring on a team of people to handle facilities related work within our leasehold and potentially for the entire building.

This team will work on basic maintenance and cleaning projects including:

  • Changing lights
  • Basic plumbing
  • Basic electrical
  • Cleaning, waxing and buffing floors
  • Hanging signs
  • Repairing doors and windows

In short, addressing anything that can go wrong in the building other than with production equipment.  We are expecting this team to be the primary reason this facility will shine and become a show piece for manufacturing facilities.

Reports To:  Facilities Manager – We are currently recruiting for this position.

Hourly: the rate will be commensurate with experience.  Internal TESCO employees will have a priority and will receive a higher starting sage for these positions.  Rate will start at $14.00/hour for entry level candidates and might go significantly higher for experienced applicants.  Overtime is anticipated for this position from time to time.

For more information, or to be considered for these positions, please email your resume/letter to Human Resources at