May 25, 2017

TESCO Named Best Electric Meter Testing Equipment Company

Bristol, PA (May 25, 2017) – TESCO has been named the Best Electric Meter Testing Equipment Company for the 2017 Utilities and Telecommunications Awards as published by Global Energy News.  The awards celebrate and honor the hard work and best practices of the finest companies in the utility and telecommunication industries around the world. The winners are also recognized for their ability to adapt to the constant shift in the market and stand out among their competitors in the past year.

“It has been a true pleasure to showcase the hard work and tireless commitment of the companies, and the industry experts driving them, who are driving these two vital markets,” awards coordinator Jordan Japal said.

TESCO has received numerous awards that reinforce their culture of innovation and improvement including: Philadelphia 100 (12 times), Philadelphia Hall of Fame, Inc. 5000, Small Business Innovator of the Year, Fast 50 for the Mid-Atlantic (twice), KAPE, and Best Veterans Friendly Employer for Bucks County.

TESCO (The Eastern Specialty Company) is a manufacturer and service provider to the electric utilities industry. TESCO is owned and staffed by engineers with a passion for quality and a clear understanding of the needs of their customers and their vision of the future of the utility industry. Their broad product portfolio helps utilities to manage precious resources responsibly and efficiently.

TESCO, founded more than 100 years ago, is constantly evolving and works to address and solve the most challenging metering problems. One of TESCO’s continued strengths is the company’s ability to work successfully with utility clients in a variety of capacities. As customers’ needs have changed, TESCO has responded by providing new products and services to meet the needs of a continuously changing market.

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